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Look here for the latest info on development in Cadvantage Win products including features recently added:

  • Tips and guidelines for purchase of computer and peripherals.
  • Latest trends in Textile Infotech World.
  • Ask your doubts regarding computer hardware/software without any obligation.
  • Everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask.


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Latest Development News

  • Jacquard Direct - Electronic Retrofit Kit for making mechanical jacquards automatic, launched during ITME 2000, commercialized for Handloom jacquards. 

  • Jacquard Direct for power looms for controlling  400, 600, 800 for Hardekar pitch launched. 

  • Automatic card cutting machine with auto feeding for 120/240 hooks developed and marketed. 

  • Card cutting machine for fine pitch suitable for 900 hooks and 1200 hooks developed and first machine supplied. 

  • Cadvantage Win Version 6.0 launched with more power and punch.  More custom tools more flexibility more features. 


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