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CadVantage Win Dobby DOBBY

CadVantage Dobby


View design in 16.7 million color combination.
Apply warp color pattern to weft automatically.
Interchange warp & weft color patterns instantly.
Get the percentage RGB / CMYK composition of warp / weft colors in design.
View and save the designs with design explorer.
Create simple and fancy (s/z) twisted yarns.
Use fancy yarns in fabric simulation.
View fabric simulation with different denting order.
Add color ways numerically
Add extra warp or extra weft to an existing design automatically.
Ready-made weave library with more than a thousand weave patterns.
View reverse, mirror and invert of the weaves.
For the existing heald and peg plan, generate repeats automatically.
Generate heald & peg plan for existing design.
Get yarn requirement for different materials.
Simulate the design with different yarn counts and ends per inch and picks per inch.
View the design with different yarn texture.
On-line weave creation and filling.
Merge two designs into one.


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