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CadVantage Win Jacquard JACQUARD

CadVantage Win Jacquard


Simultaneous display of design window, fabric simulation & graph window.
Layer concept makes extra warp/weft and multi layer designing easy.
Supports all major electronic jacquards like Grosse, Bonas & Staubli.
Custom features for mats, label & lace designing.
View face & reverse graph and front and back of cloth simultaneously.
Automatic border filling with shapes like mango, leaf, flower, etc. created or ported from other software.
Creating and saving borders is no longer a tedious job.
Buy Punch Compact Automatic card cutting machine and do away with point paper etc. A big saving in time and money.
View and edit the design in different Reed/Pick counts.
View multiple repeats of the motif.
Check for repeat matching with cross repeat, straight repeat tools.
Creation of custom weaves.
Save any motif as a weave.
Background weave filling to create striped background in single cloth.
Add selvedge of any size to the design.
Bind floats color-wise/area-wise automatically or manually.
Automatic back-binding for lace.
Add/Subtract pixels for assigning non-touch weaves.
Programmable cursor jumps for easy editing of the graph.
Graphical yarn balancing for loom loading.
Produce gradient weave designs in fabrics.
Vertical repeat matching for lace.
Weave Photo realistic images of portraits and scenery on fabrics within seconds using dithered weave filling.


Photo realistic weaving

Photo realistic weaving made possible in
in just a few seconds.

The above picture has been
woven in handlooom.



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are supported in Jacquard

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