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Cadvantage Win Jacquard Direct JACQUARD DIRECT


CadVantage Win Jacquard Direct

Jacquard Direct can be designed for any kind of jacquard, either coarse pitch or fine pitch from 120 hooks to 1200 hooks.
One single Jacquard Direct controller can work for a maximum of 32,000 hooks.
Only driver cards have to be implemented depending on hooks used. Each driver card controls 128 hooks.
Controllers and driver cards are modular in design and hence easily maintainable, reduces down time.
All electronics are designed for continuous operation and to work in hostile conditions.
Since the controller is driven by the IBM PC, software can be modified and custom made.
One IBM PC can control more than 6 Jacquard Direct controllers and hence saving in cost of investment.
IBM PC being the heart of the Jacquard Direct, a host of diagnostic software and reliability comes as a package deal.
All the Jacquard Direct controllerscan be controlledfrom the central control station with remote administration.
All designs can be kept at teh control station archive and free from tampering. Last minute changes can be done to designs sitting at the control room.
All designs from the design station can be downloaded to the controller station via network so that no data loss or media corruption problem arises unlike other systems, which use floppy discs for trasferring designs to the Jacquard controller units.


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