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CadVantage Printex


Introducing vector drawing tools that enable you to resize designs or rotate at any degree without distorting or missing any pixels.
Instant colorways. View designs in any number of color combinations from a palette of 16.7 million colors.
Quick color separation
Get spot color or CMYK / RGB separation of an image within a few seconds.
Get full color samples on paper and save on time & cost of swatches.
Extra image area. Get more area in window to modify design for a perfect repeat.
Drop grid over image to enable pixel-wise editing.
Add/Subtract color pixels automatically for printswell correction.
Print color separated screens in B/W or color.
Dot control for multiple spot color separated screens that reduces number of screens in 300 / 600 dpi.
Preview window to simultaneously view editing done on image.
Grid facility to make finite editing easy.
File information provides full information of designs; namely height, width, number of colors, etc.
Scale in inches, cms and pixels.
Keyboard support for all tools to make designs faster instead of moving the mouse from one end to another for selecting the tools.
Design album to view all images in thumbnail size to help select the images from library.



Emboss, Filters, Intensity, Shear, Posterise, Gradient, Resolution, Average, Magic Wand, Median, Histo, Equalise, Mosaic, Histo,  Contrast, Sharpen, Edge Detection, Cloning, Stretch Intensity, Stitching, Gamma Correction, Masking, Angle Calculation Underlay...


The CAD Advantage of CadVantage Win Printex

A marriage of two graphic technologies to give you the best of both the vector and raster graphic world, has been made possible in Printex. Scan your designs in 100 DPI to save memory and time in Printex vector and trace it with vector pen and other vector tools. This results in sharp jag free outline of the image which can be saved in vector and any of the 60 raster file formats supported by . The advantage of saving in vector is that you can open the image and edit it and also resize it several times smaller or bigger without loss of data into a sharp beautiful image. Thereafter use the power of raster tools and get the final output directly for exposing on polyester film with any DPI to suit your needs.

After color separation, print the positives directly with any DPI from 10 to 300 or choose different DPI for different colors in the same image for getting different shades of same color.

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